DISH 10" X 6" | 25.5CM X 15CM DISH 10" X 6" | 25.5CM X 15CM – Wilmax Porcelain
DISH 10" X 6" | 25.5CM X 15CM

DISH 10" X 6" | 25.5CM X 15CM

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Beautiful table setting and stylish tableware creates the right atmosphere in a restaurant. Tableware is an important part of the overall restaurant image, and a positive image receives both recognition from new customers and continuous admiration of patrons who keep coming back to the same restaurant. A new series of WILMAX bamboo serving trays is all about quality, style and atmosphere They are perfectly sized for serving sides and appetizers, Made of lovely, durable, organic bamboo wood, eco-friendly, beautiful texture, well balanced, heatproof, waterproof. They come in 9 sizes and shapes making them convenient for any chef. This series begs to be used for creating fancy culinary masterpieces, serving house specialties, appetizers and desserts. Use WILMAX tableware to enhance the image of your establishment!

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