CUP 7 OZ | 220 ML WL-993052/A CUP 7 OZ | 220 ML WL-993052/A – Wilmax Porcelain

CUP 7 OZ | 220 ML WL-993052/A

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"Delivering Excellence in Fine and Original Tableware ™"

If you wish to make your tea or coffee time more pleasant, the high-quality, beautiful and elegant tableware is quite necessary. After all, the whole atmosphere depends on which tableware you use to serve your tea or coffee. Tea and coffee ware by Wilmax is all about style, beauty and harmony. Wilmax tea pots, coffee pots, mugs and all related accessories bring a comfortable and cozy feeling to each table, whether it is a house tea party or a tea and coffee serving in a restaurant. Translucency is one of the key features of tea and coffee ware by Wilmax. Light passes through the items easily. But despite its elegance and translucency, Wilmax tableware is very durable and withstands high temperatures.
Product features
- high quality
- made from pollutant-free raw materials in compliance with sanitary and epidemiological requirements.
- absolutely safe for health.
- has high impact resistance
- Heatproof up to 300 °C
- safe to use when cooking or heating in microwave.
- retains heat which keeps your tea or coffee hot for a long time.
- has low water absorption of less than 0.1%. Therefore does not absorb odours and is easy to clean.
- meant for everyday heavy use. It is safe to use in commercial dishwashers without any loss to quality and appearance
- rolled rim ensures additional durability

ARTICLE: WL-993052/A, INNER 6, CTN 48

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