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Create Marketing Literature For your Restaurant

There is no point thinking that your food will speak for itself. Yes, you can get a great reputation by only serving the most beautifully cooked, freshest local ingredients, but why not use every possible technique to raise the profile of your restaurant?

The sophisticated world of marketing is one that you need to join when you decide to run a restaurant. What you say about your restaurant is terribly important in how customers and potential customers perceive your establishment – and the food you serve.

Producing good marketing literature and advertising does not need to cost a fortune – you can create some really effective marketing campaigns with very little money as long as you have a great idea.


Local Newspaper Advertising

The best way to get featured in your local newspaper and gain the excellent free marketing that comes with it, is to write something yourself, or tell the newspaper about a launch or special event at your restaurant.

You could write a piece about a new dish you are featuring, a special offer that you have or a competition. Do not make it too cheesy and promotional or they will not publish it – just relaxed, informal and well written.


Flyers and Mailshots

A good way to maintain a ‘house style’ for your marketing literature is to have a logo and strapline. If you establish them from the very beginning, you will start to build up a brand that is identifiable.

Flyers and mailshots can really utilise a special offer when written alongside your logo and strapline. You do not have to reinvent the wheel every time. Don’t forget that people are bombarded with all sorts of advertising and marketing literature all the time, so yours can be very simple and still stand out.

It is worth have some sort of offer on your flyer – perhaps a free drink, free starter or a 10% off your food bill type coupon.



If you are planning to offer Christmas dinners, Christmas parties, wedding receptions or theme nights at your restaurant, you could think about having a brochure printed up. You don’t have to make it too involved – the more pages you have the more it will cost – just enough to explain what you do and how you do it.

Make it clear what type of service and quality you offer at your restaurant as different types of functions have hugely variable target audiences! Make sure your language, images and suggestions match your prospective customers.


Attend Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Some restaurant owners utilise their marketing literature by attending trade shows and exhibitions. For example, wedding fairs are big business, so many restaurants and hotels that specialise in catering for them are keen to see and be seen at such exhibitions.

Have plenty of your flyers and brochures available for customers to take and think about targeting a special offer to the type of fair. Bare in mind the fact that these events are highly organised and most visitors expect some sort of discount or bonus. For wedding fairs, you could offer something extra for the bride and groom – perhaps a free meal for two in the month after their wedding. For trade shows that are targeted to the restaurant trade, focus on free samples and money off coupons.

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