All Wilmax product is designed and tested against highest British, US and International standards for hospitality, professional and heavy domestic use. All tests are Preformed by an in depended testing party Intertek (www.intertek.com) or one of its international Subsidiaries. We can guarantee performance against all hospitality test criteria, our product is very robust and  therefore we are offering a Lifetime guarantee for edge chip resistance for all our Professional line of Fine Porcelain products. 

Our tableware is very strong and fully vitrified double fired and over glazed, which gives it strength, durability and chip resistance. We are confident that our tableware will withstand “normal and heavy food service use” which includes refrigeration, serving, washing and storage and this why we are able to offer you (and your customers) the Wilmax Lifetime Edge Chip Warranty. Yes that's LIFETIME.

The Wilmax Lifetime Edge Chip Warranty demonstrates our commitment to the durability and quality of our product for hospitality use. And it is your assurance that all Wilmax products manufactured by the highest standards and will withstand the rigours of the modern commercial kitchen and remain chip free. 

The guarantee covers plates, platters, saucers, dessert / dinner plates and soup plates as well as some items in the serving collection made from premium porcelain in the hotel and restaurant ranges of professional line.

The guarantee only applies to Professional line of premium Wilmax NEW first quality products with invoice dates after June 01, 2019 and is only valid upon presentation of the original invoice and proof of product registration within 30 days of original purchase. The guarantee covers rim chips that occur during normal professional use (chilling, serving, washing and storage). All chips that result from non-standard or improper use, as well as complete or partial breakage of the chinaware or chips that occur on the foot of the product, are excluded from this guarantee.  As the warranty name implies, it only cover chips, and does not cover any other kinds of damage or neglect.

The warranty is only valid for the original purchaser of the item, with name and address to match the original product registration. Wilmax or chosen representative reserves the right to a site visit should it be deemed necessary. This may occur if you are experiencing higher than expected breakage. If the site visit reveals poor treatment/mishandling, warranty may be void.

Wilmax reserves the right to check whether the chip originated during normal use by checking the defective products on site or requesting the return of the entire product for assessment if required. The original invoice is required to prove the date of purchase as well as batch number on production side.

The warranty is location specific; as a result if the items travel to other locations the warranty may be void. This Warranty covers United States and Canada only.

A copy of Wilmax  Warranty Form and proof of purchase (invoice) must be completed and submitted to Wilmax for a Warranty to be valid. (Copies of invoices are accepted).

Wilmax at its own discretion will provide a replacement or credit for the product deemed covered by Wilmax Lifetime Edge Chip Warranty