Discuss Your New Business with Family & Friends

When you decide to open your own restaurant, you are not only changing your own life but you are also affecting those around you. Many families go through difficult times when one person starts their own restaurant because it can be such as all consuming business.

Most people that choose to open a restaurant business have a passion for it - this is a major element in what will make your restaurant a success, but it can also be what makes you spend far more time building your new business that you do with your family.


Positive Influence

You will need the positive influence of your family and friends more than ever when you start your own restaurant. You are likely to be away from home a great deal, especially as you will be working unsociable hours. In order to gain family support, you need to involve your significant other and children, if appropriate, in your new venture.


Be careful not to alienate yourself from your family by letting your restaurant become too personal – ask for their advice, get them involved in the menu, the décor or recruitment of chefs and waiting staff.

A good way to discuss your new business with your family is to have a set time that is reserved for restaurant chat. It can be all too easy for your new business venture to overtake all aspects of family life, which is neither enjoyable nor healthy.

However, you also need to be able to talk to your family openly and honestly about this very exciting time, so by setting aside a particular time, your family will not roll their eyes when you talk about the restaurant for the fourth dinner time in a row.

Make Sure You Make Time

Of course, that is if you are home at mealtimes, which can be a sore point, too. You will need to invest a lot of time, money and effort into establishing a successful new restaurant, which in turn can provide your family with a good standard of living. Make sure you factor in time to just be a husband, wife, mother or father, too – do not allow your new business investment to take over.


By compartmentalising some aspects of your life – talking about your children’s school report, going for drinks with friends – you will find that your friends and family are more positive and supportive about your new restaurant. As long as they do not feel ‘pushed out’, they will be able to give you the support you need.

The Financial Aspect

The financial aspect of choosing to open a new restaurant can also put a strain on families. If you have invested your own personal finance into the business, you must make sure that your spouse is supportive. If you have friends or family that have invested in your new business, make sure you keep them informed of business developments without giving them too much information that can be negative.


Establish a clear legal framework for dividends, payments or terms of gifts and loans, well before you have any difficulties.

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