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How to Attract Customers in Slow Months For Your Restaurant

No matter what type of restaurant you have or where it is located, there will be high times and there will be low times. Seasonal restaurants have this on repeat all year long and still many of them survive. Yes, it can be difficult but it can also be an opportunity to do new things that you don’t have time for during the busier periods. So, whether your restaurant’s slow period is in January after the holiday festivities have died down or whether it is the slow summer months, everyone can find ways to make a difference. Let’s look at how restaurants can attract customers during the slow months.

Building New Relationships

The slow months can be a time to build new relationships and strengthen the existing ones for the future. This can be relationships with your suppliers, competitors, other related businesses. A time to offer shared business tips and tricks, shared marketing and tie building within your community. By sharing and helping one another, you will create an atmosphere that will bring in people who may otherwise have stayed away.

Creating Incentives for Your Customers

Contests and online giveaways can help to boost engagement and get your customers sharing your page, products, and reviews about your restaurant. By making it easy and organic for them to share, will help keep your restaurant in the forefront of everyone’s minds and more likely to walk through your door.

Host Events at Your Restaurant

Rent out your space, offer catering options, host a workshop or event that would be of interest to your customer base and overall target market. Find new ways and reasons to get both your returning customers and new ones in the door.

Prepare and Revamp for the Busier Times

The slower months are a great opportunity. With more time on your hands, you can focus on preparing for new projects that will help to grow your business during busier times. Take inventory of what didn’t work, what needs to change and create a plan that includes new growth opportunities. Although this won’t bring in people right away, long term the opportunity for growth is immeasurable.

By taking the perspective that slower months are not something to dread but rather something that will ultimately help your restaurant, you can find new ways of keeping your doors open and your business successful.

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