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How Can we Increase the Number of Customers in Our Pizzeria?

T here are a few important aspects to consider when starting up a new restaurant. That first year is tough and it doesn’t get easier all that quickly. In fact, in order to make your new restaurant successful, you’ll need to have a few key elements down pat. But before we get to those, make sure you are passionate about the restaurant business. It is not a get rich quick plan by any means. Although the potential for great success is there, you will need to have the passion to get you through the hard work that is needed. So, start with the passion but be sure to have the following key elements as well.

Perfecting Your Menu
 When you are designing the menu for your new restaurant, be sure to focus on giving your target audience what they want. However, at the same time you want to make sure that you don’t overdo it. Many restaurants have menus that are just too large. Although this idea is generally thought to give customers more choice it often just overwhelms them. Instead of them ordering the items that you would like to become known for, they will gravitate to tried and true favorites because of the overwhelming amount of choice.

Hiring Good Staff
Hiring staff is easy but hiring the right staff, a great staff- is a more advanced skill. The customer experience is often largely based on their interaction with the wait staff, therefore hiring people who are friendly, polite and take their job seriously is key. Remembering that it’s about finding the right people and less about their current skill set. You can train someone to have the right skills, you cannot train someone to have a better personality. This is why the interview process should be well planned out. Take the time to get to know people before you hire them..

Choosing a Tasteful and Comfortable Décor
Pretty self-explanatory but so important. Garish, tacky and loud décor are generally not conducive to a successful restaurant. Keep it simple and comfortable is key. If décor is not your thing, find someone for whom it is. A designer can help as well as checking out the décor in other successful restaurants that are similar to yours. Customers enjoy being in a space that is warm and inviting so don’t skimp out on the décor.

Have a Strong Marketing Plan
The best advertising is word of mouth so start there. By giving your customers a great experience, they will return and they will tell their friends. Next is to use search engines and social media. Claim your business on Google and other places. Use Facebook and Instagram to post pictures of your food and connect with customers who post about their experience in your restaurant. Be everywhere online. Good marketing in today’s digital age is all about exposure and engagement.

Follow these directions and your new restaurant will reap all the success that you envision!


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