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Hollowware Barware 2019

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Stainless steel Hollowware collection will please both coffee and tea fans! The collection includes various vacuum jugs, tea pots, French presses, milk jugs, milk frothers, sugar pots and cups with saucers. All items are made of high-quality stainless steel grade 18/10, its safe, strong and durable. Flowless aesthetics of shapes emphasized by mirror finish or by a soft shimmer of satin finish of the surface. Ergonomic heatproof handles will make the use of ware pleasant and convenient.

Moreover, the products of this series have branded colour packaging, which makes them an excellent gift for any celebration!


Double wall stainless steel bowls with simple clean design and stylish satin finish perfectly suitable not only for serving salads and fruits but also for hot and cold dishes.

Thermo-insulating properties of its walls keeping the desired temperature for longer.

You can use bowls in a less traditional way, let’s say for serving oysters, lobsters, crabs or any other seafood. It makes our bowls versatile and essential for every kitchen.

Bowls are presented in 4 volumes to choose – 500 ml, 1.3L, 2L, and 3L. Or in a set of three - 500 ml, 1.3L, and 2L.


Thanks to its stylish satin finish and functionality wine bucket can be not only spectacular addition to the dining or festive dinner servings but a common guest at your picknicks.

Thermo-insulating properties provided by double walls allow this elegant accessory to keep and maintain the temperature of pre-cooled beverage. A bottle placed in the bucket will be reliably protected by a sturdy stainless steel casing.


Standard shaker is most common in use and consists of three elements – larger metal tumbler, strainer and cap, which can be used as a jigger. Standard shaker or cobbler is the good choice for home use or for making easy cocktails in the bar.


The strainer is used by barmen for separating rather large particles such as ice or fruit bits while pouring cocktail from shaker to the glass. This bar tool mostly used to accompany the Boston shaker, which doesn't have a built-in strainer. Strainer from Wilmax is versatile, thanks to its efficient design it can be securely attached to any shaker tin.


Pouring spout or bottle pourer allows not only impressively fill the drinks with a uniform stream, and controlling the volume, but also helps significantly save time on making cocktails. Wilmax's metal bottles pourers can replace lids and caps on any kind of bottles, secure its content and greatly simplify the process of making drinks.


Bar mugs from Wimax made of stainless steel type 18/10 and designed to make and serve various drinks and cocktails. These models are perfect for iconic cocktail Moscow Mule or other popular drinks, which make mugs irreplaceable in any bar. The range of mugs from Wilmax contains smooth and textured corrugated shapes in the different volumes and in three colour solution – clean metal, golden and copper finish.


The Boston cocktail shaker consists of two metal tumblers which superimpose on one another. The Boston shaker is the professionals' choice. It requires a bit more skill to use, but once it's mastered, the process becomes faster, rather than with standard shaker. This shaker is perfect for making any, even the most complicated cocktails.


Muddler from Wilmax is another bar essential, which can help barman neatly mash any of cocktail ingredients, such as lemon, apple or mint. Pressing fruits with muddler not only extracts juice but forces some components to emit essential oils, it helps to improve gustatory quality of drinks.


Jigger is necessary bar tool, which designed to measure all the ingredients added to the cocktail. Jigger also can be called a measuring cup. Double-sided models will surprise with its versatility, and a wide range of sizes, shapes, and volumes of our jiggers allow barman to precisely follow the original recipe.


Fast and convenient preparation of drinks as addition to spectacular serve is the main reason why the collection Barware by Wilmax has been created. Metal glass is the stylish solution for serving cocktails. Glass made of this material allows the drink to remain chilled even if it doesn't contain ice.


All coffee fans are aware that thanks to the unique brewing method, coffee made in French press distinguished by a pleasantly strong taste and surprisingly rich aroma. Double wall French press from Wilmax makes coffee making process as simple and convenient as possible. The heatproof    handle protects the hand from getting burned while double walls of French press keeping temperature of your drink for longer.

The slightest push on the stainless steel plunger ensures even water circulation and saturation of the brew. Filter screen will keep grounds on the bottom. Models with thermo glass carafe are also available.

Double wall French press presented in 3 volumes to choose – 350 ml, 800 ml, 1L.


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