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Every homemaker strives to make their table setting attractive and alluring. Wilmax porcelain tableware helps you achieve this easily. It is white and elegant, glossy and sleek. Wilmax porcelain makes every table beautiful and festive. Dishes served on white Wilmax tableware will look particularly delicious! But it's not only beauty that distinguishes Wilmax Fine Porcelain Collection but its convenience in everyday use as well.

Wide Range

Numerous Wilmax range includes all items necessary for a table setting. The variety of shapes and styles will fit any taste and any interior.

And the range is ever-expanding, Wilmax designers regularly create new series for the collection.

Which do you like best, classic round plates or stylish square ones, unique tea pots or familiar coffee pots, or maybe an eye-catching lid for the main course? The choice is yours.


Translucency is a characteristic feature of Wilmax porcelain, which makes it exquisitely elegant. Hold Wilmax plate against the light and you can easily see the outline of your hand through it. Such translucency can be found only in items made from high quality porcelain.*

Microwave Safe

Wilmax porcelain tableware is safe to use when cooking or heating in microwave.*

Health Safe

All Wilmax items are made from pollutant-free raw materials in compliance with sanitary and epidemiological requirements. Tableware is absolutely safe for health.*

Low Water Absorption

Wilmax tableware has low water absorption of less than 0.1%. Therefore tableware does not absorb odours and is easy to clean.*

Impact Resistance

Wilmax porcelain has high impact resistance in compliance with UK and EU standards.*

Wilmax porcelain tableware is an attribute of a comfortable home!

* — as confirmed by laboratory tests


Wilmax porcelain tableware meets all requirements a restaurateur might have: it is strong and durable, thermal-resistant and elegantly designed. Furthermore, Wilmax porcelain retains heat which keeps the dish hot for a long time.

Another distinguishing feature of Wilmax porcelain is its versatility, which is especially useful for establishments with frequently updated menus. For example, a deep plate with a particularly wide rim can be used to serve pasta with a flourish, and it can also be used to serve soup, salad and even dessert. In addition, Wilmax porcelain is perfect canvas for a restaurant or a café logo. A logo image on tableware will add to unique style of the establishment. Nevertheless, Wilmax product has a reasonable price, a feature very important for the hospitality industry.

Dishwasher and oven safe

Wilmax tableware is meant for everyday heavy use. It is safe to use in commercial dishwashers without any loss to quality and appearance and is ovenproof to 300°С.*


Wilmax items are easily stackable for space saving storage and convenient carrying of large stacks of tableware. Furthermore, tableware is light, as compared with ceramics, which makes the work of a waiter much easier.

Rolled Rim

Rolled rim ensures additional durability and chip-resistance of Wilmax tableware.


Wilmax tableware is a beautiful choice for a gift, whether given or received. Ramekins, bowls, salt & pepper sets and some other items in the range are available in brand packaging. Wilmax porcelain tableware is a perfect gift for any occasion.

Wilmax is a perfect choice for professionals!

Download "Serve ware" Catalogue  

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About Wilmax

Now available in North America, Wilmax has over 12 years experience as a leading supplier of fine porcelain, glassware, bamboo serveware, and stainless steel cutlery throughout Europe. With our newest headquarters and warehouse located outside of Philadelphia, Wilmax proudly manufactures 100% of our own products to ensure our quality meets your expectations every time.

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