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If you wish to make your tea or coffee time more pleasant, the high-quality, beautiful and elegant tableware is quite necessary. After all, the whole atmosphere depends on which tableware you use to serve your tea or coffee. Tea and coffee ware by Wilmax is all about style, beauty and harmony. Wilmax tea pots, coffee pots, mugs and all related accessories bring a comfortable and cozy feeling to each table, whether it is a house tea party or a tea and coffee serving in a restaurant.


Wide Range

A wide range of tea and coffee ware offered by Wilmax together with the variety of shapes and styles allows each customer to choose the best combination for a tea or coffee service for any kitchen, lounge, restaurant or café. Furthermore, the range is constantly expanded with new pieces and collections.


Each piece from tea and coffee collection by Wilmax is distinguished by its elegant lines and exquisitely attractive design.

Size options

Wilmax offers teapots, coffee pots, mugs, cup and saucer sets and creamers in a large variety of sizes.

For example, you can find tea pots from 320 ml to 2250 ml in the current range. It is so easy to select the right size of teapot based on your choice of tea or the quantity of persons who take part in the tea party.


Translucency is one of the key features of tea and coffee ware by Wilmax. Light passes through the items easily. But despite its elegance and translucency, Wilmax tableware is very durable and withstands high temperatures.


Most Wilmax teapots have a lid-lock, thus lid is securely fixed and doesn't drop during tea pouring, which makes the whole process convenient and safe. And a spout strainer holds back the tea leaves.

Dishwasher safe

Wilmax tableware is meant for everyday heavy use. It is safe to use in dishwashers without any loss to quality and appearance.

Health Safe

All Wilmax items are made from pollutant-free raw materials in compliance with sanitary and epidemiological requirements. Tableware is absolutely safe for health as confirmed by laboratory tests


Wilmax tableware is perfect for branding. A Wilmax cup or mug with customer logo is a great tool for advertising campaigns and promotions. And any kind of image or inscription can be used on Wilmax porcelain to customize the produc t a n d enhance the individual style of a restaurant, hotel, club or any other establishment.

Reasonable price

You can buy a cup and saucer set or any other item from tea and coffee collection by Wilmax at a very reasonable price. Wilmax tableware is designed for a wide range of consumers. Wilmax offers the best value for the money.


Wilmax tea and coffee ware is a beautiful choice for a gift, whether given or received. Teapots, coffee pots, cup and saucer sets for any quantity of persons, and some accessories are available in brand packaging. Wilmax porcelain tableware is a perfect gift for any occasion.

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