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Wilmax England is a rapidly developing and growing manufacturer of fine porcelain, 18/10 Stainless Steel cutlery, crystalline lead free glassware bamboo and thermo glass for the professional trade since in 2010. Wilmax is based in London, and has one of the largest assortments of products amongst its competition. With a total line soaring over 1100 unique SKUs it is sure to satisfy every possible taste.unique chime and shine.

Wilmax Fine Porcelain

Wilmax porcelain is a perfect choice for professional kitchen, has high impact resistance, ovenproof, Wilmax tableware is meant for everyday heavy use.  Another distinguishing feature of Wilmax porcelain is its versatility, which is especially useful for establishments with frequently updated menus. For example, a deep plate with a particularly wide rim can be used to serve pasta with a flourish, and it can also be used to serve soup, salad and even dessert.

Wilmax Thermo Glass Collection

Wilmax Thermo Glass is a specially designed and engineered borosilicate glass that is meant to WOW while at the same time be the stable of your kitchen. Anything from boiling a cup of water on Open Flame to baking in the oven or freezing in a refrigerator.

Wilmax Bamboo

Discover a new and world-class tableware brought by Wilmax Natural Bamboo Series! Bring nature in your homes with new line of our beautiful serving dishes

Wilmax Crystalline

Wilmax glasses are made from special crystalline glass. The raw material is pure and lead-free. Thanks to their exceptional transparency Wilmax glasses are exquisitely festive. Items are distinguished by their elegance and have all the typical characteristics of crystal, namely its unique chime and shine.

Wilmax Julia Collection

All items in the line are exclusive in design. And a wonderful textured surface makes the tableware especially attractive. The collection is striking not only in its beauty, but also in its convenience in everyday use. Tableware can be used for cooking or heating in a microwave oven and is dishwasher and oven safe. JULIA collection is a beautiful choice for a gift, whether given or received. This tableware has exquisite brand packaging, making it a perfect gift for any occasion!

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About Wilmax

Now available in North America, Wilmax has over 12 years experience as a leading supplier of fine porcelain, glassware, bamboo serveware, and stainless steel cutlery throughout Europe. With our newest headquarters and warehouse located outside of Philadelphia, Wilmax proudly manufactures 100% of our own products to ensure our quality meets your expectations every time.

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