Zucchini cream soup with thyme

Ingredients 3-4 medium zucchinis 300 ml cream 1 large red onion 6 clove of garlic 4 teaspoons freshly chopped thyme 5 tablespoons olive oil water to cover the vegetables salt pepper

Directions Chop the red onion and garlic, simmer it in the hot oil, then add the zucchini cubes. If your zucchini is fresh, you don't have to peel it, just cut into little cubes. Simmer the vegetables for 4-5 minutes. Season the vegetables with salt and pepper, and add the freshly chopped thyme. Stir them well and pour continuously the cream. Pour approximately 0.8 -1 l water to cover the vegetables and cook them over medium heat for 20 minutes. When the zucchini is softened, remove the soup from the oven and pour it in a food processor, process the soup until is smooth. Serve the creamy soup with toast cubes and cheese.

On photo: WL-992565 / A BOWL 5.5" | 14 CM 20 OZ | 600 ML
Photo by:sere_cafe
Recipe by:myzucchinirecipes.com
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