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Wilmax Coffee Table Book is on its way

A coffee table book is an oversized, hard-covered book whose purpose is for display on a table intended for use in an area in which one entertains guests and from which it can serve to inspire conversation or pass the time. The subject matter is predominantly non-fiction and pictorial (a photo-book). Pages consist mainly of photographs and illustrations, accompanied by captions and small blocks of text, as opposed to long prose. Since they are aimed at anyone who might pick up the book for a light read, the analysis inside is often more basic and with less jargon than other books on the subject.
Because of this, we believe that the Wilmax Coffee Table book showing the best of the best of our customers' culinary concepts is needed for both us as a manufacturer and distributor as well as our customers to showcase their best and original ideas.
 This coffee table book will be developed over the year 2021, and be printed and available in the Amazon store as well as other platforms for all to purchase by the end of the year. Wilmax has started accepting photography and concepts in the late Fall of 2020 and we welcome all of our customers to submit their ideas as soon as possible. 
⠀ ⠀

1. Photography must be original and include tableware or kitchenware made by Wilmax England ONLY. No other product could be visible on the image (in some cases we would consider accepting photos with other product, but that product would have to be masked or photoshopped out for this book).
2. Images CAN NOT include visible faces in them unless we have a signed release for use.
3. All submittals must include the name of the photographer and owner of the food establishment or for household submittals name of the owner. We also require a maximum 100-word description of the photo/recipe.
4. For foodservice establishment submittals the customer can include basic business information (i.e. name of restaurant/chef and location)
5. There will be no payment for any use of photography or description and Wilmax will reserve the right to finalize all images and descriptions before the final print.

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