Fine, Julia and Durable Porcelain                                                                     Tablewares have been around for a donkey years. Though many of us know them as simple vessels on which to eat or drink, they have a long decorative history. Chinese artisans discovered the process of making porcelain somewhere around 600 AD. The secret took more than 2000 years to make its way to Europe. Before that time, well-heeled Europeans bought porcelain objects from Chinese trading companies. In addition to pottery and display pieces, they also bought dishware. These porcelain dinnerware sets became so popular that people started to call them "china" sets. The term, fine china, encompasses the spectrum of porcelain pieces, including tableware, vases, and figures. As time went on, these sets appreciated in value and became sought after collectibles. The value of porcelain had, and still has, a great deal to do with the time-consuming nature of its creation. Fine porcelain is a white, glassy, and made of durable materials. For the two ingredients that comprise porcelain, namely kaolin (white Chinese clay) and petuntse (feldspar), to successfully meld, a kiln must be fired to at the least 1250 degrees (while Wilmax Double fires its porcelain). As the petuntse, which can only be found in China, melts, it is the kaolin that helps retain the piece's shape. This is the unique quality of porcelain: refined delicacy and fragility.  Fine, handcrafted pieces are quite rare these days. In fact, most dishware is made from cheap ceramic material made by machines. Wilmax is proud of its “Double Fire” process that puts our porcelain through 2300 Degrees Celsius dry firing, then cools the porcelain down and after applying clear glaze we will fire the product again to 800 Degrees Celsius giving Wilmax porcelain that unique finish and hand customers are used to and have grown to expect. Why You Should Go for Fine Porcelain Durability- Not only is our porcelain dinnerware and kitchen appliances more dense than normal ceramic, but due to its through-body composition, it is considered more durable and better suited for heavy usage than ceramic. For example, chip the ceramic dinnerware and you find a different color underneath the top glaze. Chip Wilmax porcelain dinnerware and the color keeps on going--the chip is nearly invisible. While both porcelain and ceramic are fired, porcelain is fired at higher temperatures for a longer time than ceramic. Also, porcelain has higher feldspar content, which makes it harder and less porous Heat Resistance- Additional advantage of Wilmax porcelain tableware is the inclusion of  bright white color (as opposed to the gray or tan color of other ware) which produces brighter colors, and its ability to resist thermal shock, or the tendency of items to break or become brittle when subject to extreme temperature changes. Low Water Absorption Rate- Wilmax tableware made of porcelain has a low water absorption rate less than 0.1%.  Our Porcelain dinnerware is often extruded; has fewer impurities than normal tableware: and doesn’t absorb odors and it is very easy to clean. In our homes as well as places of business we owe the beauty and functionality of many basic items to porcelain enamel. Bathtubs, sinks, toilets, stoves, washing machines and dryers, water heaters, grills, and ovens are all coated with porcelain enamel. Not only does it make them look nice, but it has properties that make it an excellent choice for these applications. Since it won't stain, scratch, absorb moisture, be damaged by chemical cleaning products, or rust, it provides a surface that makes our appliances and bathroom fixtures stay looking nice longer. Our dinnerware at Wilmax meets all the expectation a food service business owner or an individual might have in mind. It is strong and durable, thermal-resistant and elegantly designed. Furthermore, our porcelain tableware retains heat which keeps the dish hot for a long time. Wilmax tableware is meant for everyday use and abuse. It is obviously safe to use in a commercial dishwasher without any loss to quality and appearance.
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