Lifetime Chip Warranty


All Wilmax product is designed and tested against highest British and International standards for professional and heavy domestic use. We can guarantee performance against all hospitality test criteria, our product is very robust and  therefore we are offering a Lifetime guarantee for edge chip resistance for all our Fine Porcelain products. 

Our tableware is very strong and fully vitrified which gives it strength, durability and chip resistance. We are confident that our tableware will withstand “normal and heavy food service use” which includes refrigeration, serving, washing and storage and we offer you (and your customers) the Wilmax Lifetime Edge Chip Warranty

The Wilmax Lifetime Edge Chip Warranty demonstrates our commitment to the durability and quality of our product for hospitality use. And it is your assurance that all Wilmax products manufactured by the highest standards and will withstand the rigours of the modern commercial kitchen and remain chip free.