Wilmax Bamboo

Q- What can be better than nature?
A- Only nature formed in stylish modern design.



Wilmax Bamboo is Eco-friendly, durable, sustainable, versatile and simply beautiful.

Our bamboo grows in National Ecological Area with hundreds of kilometers unpolluted high mountain area makes bamboo a safe material for daily use. Because bamboo naturally anti-bacterial and pest resistant it doesn’t need any chemical treatment before production. Producing tableware out of eco-friendly, fast-growing and self-regenerated material, we are also helping out the environment.
Unique nature of bamboo makes it easy to carve, curve and mold and gives us unlimited possibilities to make tableware which suits your every need. Our bamboo tableware can be used in many ways, in the restaurant, for catering business, home or hotels. You and your guests will love modern, stylish, and elegant WILMAX bamboo line. Bamboo is light and super durable so even when dropped it is completely break and chip resistant; and when it scratches a little mineral oil will polish it right up.
Today WILMAX offers aesthetic tableware which will be equally pertinent in high-end restaurant, boutique hotels on shop shelves or at home. Our bamboo collection includes vast variety of serving boards, plates, platters, turntables, cup holders and many more. Over the next 12 months you will see our bamboo line double or possibly triple due its demand. 
Our platters with carved dish stands, which are compatible with WILMAX porcelain dishes will be perfect for sushi sets, chips’n’dip or veggie mix. Like more than one sauce? Choose the serving platter with 2 dish stands and indulge your favorite snacks.
The versatile series of trays can be used in different ways. They are ideal for snacks, sauce dishes, or simply serve it with sliced food in your restaurant, buffet or the party.  
The original collection of serving plates will add rich and vibrant accent to your table. Various sizes and shapes will suit every occasion – serving buffet, family gathering, big party or quite dinner.  Never same pattern, with warm earthy feeling these boards and plates even in the coldest day will make your heart warmer.    



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