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Bamboo and Cleaner

Bamboo and Cleaner

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Easy spray & wipe Wilmax Bamboo and Wood Serveware Cleaner / Power Degreaser delivers professional strength degreasing and is safely responsible for people and the environment. It removes tough grease, grime, tar and other oily soils found in kitchens and industrial settings. Powered by Eastman Omnia™ high-performance solvent, Wilmax Bamboo and Wood Power Degreaser cleans all-natural Bamboo and Wood surfaces as well as and all appliances, machinery, equipment and tough carbonized soils in ovens.

Wilmax Bamboo and Wood Service Ware Cleaner safely cleans tough grease, oil, and even dried food without damaging bamboo or wood surfaces. it cleans quickly and rinses freely so serve ware can be put immediately back into service.  
  • Free from monobutyl and other glycol ethers
  • pH neutral, non-hazardous and readily biodegradable
  • Meets CARB and VOC compliance
  • No harsh chemical fumes
  • Bleach Free and Non-corrosive
  • Leaves no residue
  • Fresh lemongrass scent
  • Powered by Omnia™ from Eastman


Directions for Use:Note: Bamboo service ware should not be run through dishwashers.
  1. Wipe food debris and waste from service ware
  2. Spray Wilmax Bamboo and Wood Service Ware Cleaner onto the surface and wipe clean
  3. Rinse with fresh warm water
  4. Sanitize with a neutral sanitizing solution in accordance with state/local regulations – DO NOT USE BLEACH
  5. Allow ware to dry, then return to service

About Product in more detail:

Wilmax Bamboo and Wood Service Ware Cleaner is formulated with Eastman Omnia™ high-performance solvent. Omnia has a unique chemistry that offers an exceptional combination of performance and safety, demonstrating that it is possible to have a product that`s both "green" and highly effective at removing tough soils from greasy dirt and tar to soap scum. Omnia delivers exceptional cleaning performance.compared to common industry alternatives, Omnia cleans faster and better, potentially reducing cleaning times and labor costs. Omnia is readily biodegradable with an excellent toxicity profile. It meets California Environmental Protection Agency Air Resource Board (CARB) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements for low vapor pressure VOC exemption in regulated products.  Omnia is:
  • Listed by GreenBlue®on their CleanGredients®database
  • Listed with the highest rating on DfE`s Safer Chemical Ingredients List
  • Low odor
  • Low vapor pressure VOC exempt in U. S. consumer products
  • Non-flammable
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Safe on a wide variety of surfaces


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Our natural bamboo products undergo meticulous hand finishing, polishing, and assembly, reflecting the artisanal craftsmanship behind each piece. Due to the organic nature of bamboo, slight variations in color and grain are intrinsic to the material. We celebrate these unique characteristics, but it's important to note that we cannot guarantee absolute uniformity in color and grain across all items. Embracing the inherent beauty of natural bamboo, we assure you of our unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality, handcrafted products that showcase the authenticity and individuality of each piece

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About Wilmax

Now available in North America, Wilmax has over 12 years experience as a leading supplier of fine porcelain, glassware, bamboo serveware, and stainless steel cutlery throughout Europe. With our newest headquarters and warehouse located outside of Philadelphia, Wilmax proudly manufactures 100% of our own products to ensure our quality meets your expectations every time.

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