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CHAFER STAND RECTANGULAR 26" inch X 17.25" inch X 8" inch | 66 X 44 X 20 CM

CHAFER STAND RECTANGULAR 26" inch X 17.25" inch X 8" inch | 66 X 44 X 20 CM

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The organization of any food service 2 3 establishment or engagement is not complete without professional equipment. Chafing dish is a new perspective on development of WILMAX. A chafing dish is a fundamental equipment that is used for serving and keeping cooked food warm and fresh tasting as stews, porridge and soups. WILMAX’s chafing dishes are premium warm buffet solutions, it comes in a variety of sizes and different shapes: round, rectangular and square. Made of high-quality stainless steel, the transparent glass lids are made of tempered glass. Some models have feet and handles in gold colours. Gel fuel is used to keep the water in your chafer dish heated, which can last through long catering services. This option eliminates the hazard of soot and smoke. The design provides uniform heating which means your food does not burn, but remains hot and appetising, revealing their taste and aroma. WILMAX’s chafing dishes not only meet the demand for practical equipment, but also perform an effective serving and heating sources

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