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Stainless Steel Four (4) Piece Large Serving Set Great For Entertaining  WL-555052
Stainless Steel Four (4) Piece Large Serving Set Great For Entertaining

Stainless Steel Four (4) Piece Large Serving Set Great For Entertaining


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"Delivering Excellence in Fine and Original Tableware ™"

Set consist of :

1 SERVING FORK 9" | 23 CM - (WL-999111/A)
1 SERVING SPOON 9.25" | 23.5 CM - (WL-999112/A)
1 FISH SERVING KNIFE 11" | 28 CM - (WL-999113/A)
1 FISH SERVING FORK 10.5" | 26.5 CM - (WL-999114/A)

  • This elegant and ergonomic stainless steel serving set comes in a solid piece of steel with a fully weighted handle and super high polish for that amazing look and feel. Use one at a time or together to serve food or separate your favorite meat, fish, and vegetables on a beautiful platter. The fork is 9” and Spoon is 9.25” while the large fish serving fork is 10.5” and the Fish serving knife is 11” long for better control.
  • Wilmax England manufactures all of its stainless steel from an ideal combination of chromium and nickel in the stainless steel alloy, and those give its flatware the unique feel, weight, and hand that our customers have come to expect. Smooth while at the same time sharp sleek lines of the handle amplify that tactile sensation, and allows for a more modern look.
  • Wilmax stainless steel is meant to be a useful tool on your table. When designing our flatware we pay attention to all the minor details that most people don't. Starting from the high polish and on to the weighted handle, WIlmax feels luxurious to the touch and the eyes.
  • High Polish stainless steel is used to bring elegance to your table setting. While using clean flatware w/out any design allows you as a chef to create a culinary masterpiece. Colors pop stronger and flavors are developed cleaner. People eat with their eyes first; why use a subpar tool that will take away from your hard work as a chef.
  • View more recipes and ideas on Some items could be packed in an original box while others may be repacked to match the set quantity. This set could be in a combination of Color gift box and plain brown box based on availability.

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